There are no videos uploaded to this website but you can visit to watch St. Kizito Interview with the KTN and the courtesy call paid by TVET/CDACC CEO to our school, Click St. Kizito on TV47 to view St. Kizito video on TV47 or click Electrical department video to view a video of our electrical department video. Feel free to like, comment and share our facebook page and updates.

Bellow are some of the images of the visit by TVET/CDACC CEO.


To be a model institution mainly oriented to the less privileged youth which offers a holistic education, provides quality technical, entrepreneurial and vocational skills always in line with emerging technologies and new ways of training.


To provide an educative environment where students, management and staff acknowledge their value, dignity and talents through communitarian life acquiring suitable skills aligned with the job market and emerging technologies in partnership with relevant companies and organizations.

Our core values are;

Ø  Realism

Ø  Communion

Ø  Learning through following

Ø  Love for work

Ø  Charity

Ø  Responsibility

Ø  Integrity