St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute activities category include;


Open Day

It is a day when we suspend learning and invite all and sundry (current and former students, parents, friends) to experience what happens in our  workshops and classes. Usually we start with a mas and then proceed to various departments. We are all privileged to hear from a few former students what they have achieved after completing studies at St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute. Some past activities in a gallery format are shown bellow;


 PLC exhibition

This year (2017) Open Day will be on Friday 3rd February 2017. Various Departments will be Showcasing different learning activities that happens in the workshops. We invite all to join us in starting the year together.




St. Kizito held its first Graduation ceremony on May 2016 and saw over thirty five graduates take part, the event was witnessed by their friends, parents, staff and invited guests. Bellow are some of the graduation activities in a gallery format;

 Graduands procession       Guest address


      Vote of Thanks





3rd February 2017 Open Day in picture gallery was as follows

 2017 Graduation ceremony

 2018 graduation procession


2019 Graduation 


Our CBET 2 instrumentation and control students had the opportunity of visiting Nairobi bottlers for their educational trip.. #dualtraining #automation.



Our vision is to be a leading, self-sustainable institution that offers the youth, mainly less privileged, holistic education based on Catholic experience and technical training suitable to the job market.


  • Educate the students in all dimensions: communitarian, technical, entrepreneurial, sport, on job (dual) training.
  • Continual training of the management and teachers for deeper self awareness and better knowledge of new technologies.
  • Our offer to be in line with the need of the market and keep up with the new technologies.
  • Increase the synergies with private and public sector and universities.
  •  Networking with the best national and international VTIs.

St Kizito VTI is:

  •  a Vocational Training Institute of the CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE OF NAIROBI
  • an Institute of Technology & Examination Centre Registered by the Government  -   Registration No. MOEST/PC/886/04
  • PO Box 759 - 00618 RUARAKA - NAIROBI – KENYA